Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holiday Horrors

About 3 weeks ago I was done. Completely ready for the kids to start school holidays to give us a break from the crazy morning routine, which is usually me just yelling constantly for approximately 2hours to get everyone dressed, fed and into the car so we can safely deposit the 2 big boys at school.

Yes i'm sure there are others out there who know exactly what i'm talking about (please, please tell me i'm not the only fishwife sounding mother between the hours of 7am and 9am). Then there is the crazy parts in the middle of the day, trying to get as much done as possible with the 2 little kids before turning around at 2pm to get ready to do the crazy school pick up run again.

I swear, those hours in the day never go so fast on other days, why do they seem to go so fast on school days?

So fast forward to today. Officially day 5 of the school holidays, and needless to say i'm just a wee bit 'stressed'. That is probably the word of choice currently as these boys of mine are certainly giving me a run for my money.

Why is it that in the days of my first pregnancy, and the wonderful lead up that was filled with wise words of the sleepness nights, vomiting babies and the other fun stuff that comes along the way did no one bother to tell me about what happens as they get older? That when boys hit a certain age they turn into punks that just want to beat the living shit out of each other? Well not just anyone, just their own brother's shit in our particular case (thank goodness, cause at least I don't have to cop the wrath of another mother's scorn because of my children beating their child up!).

Maybe it was one of those things that I should have just 'known' about but didn't because I am an only child? I didn't have a brother or sister to beat up on, or be beaten up on so maybe its me who has missed out on this right of passage as a child.

Whatever it is, its driving me bonkers! I love having my kids at home, I do miss them when they are school but holy crap, they have turned into holiday horrors from hell and we still have a week to go!

Pass me the ear plugs now!


Cuddles3 said...

It's not always like that. I have the putting the younger kids in headlock thing going on here. Or chasing and tormenting the younger kids going on too. I remember doing that crap with my siblings too. I think we still do it, well my cousin and I are constantly at it, whose the first to slap the other on the forehead etc. It's hard work being a mother, I feel for you, I feel for me too. I wonder if I'll survive but when we do luv we'll meet up and drink to it. Keep breathing CalmBlueOcean

Dee said...

I don't have the physical thing happening here (that I see at least) but the constant whinging... get out of my room, get out.... shouting out the offending bro's name at the top of their lungs.

And just for an added thing for you too look forward to, the butt up in the air farting!!! Yes it sounds funny at the thought of it, but the stench is quite offending. Not just my younger ones either, the teens are the worst offenders. I threatened them all tonight that I'll smack the arse of the next person to do it!

Dear Lord, don't ever stop someone making wine!

Curvey Spice said...

I was in the bottle shop buying some wine yesterday with the girls having reached that point in the day when they could no longer stand the sight of each other and the bloke behind the counter asked me if I was enjoying the school holidays (and he actually meant it) and looked at him and said...why do you think I need the wine?? Hmm I sense a theme.