Sunday, January 09, 2011

My Sweet Girl

You have probably noticed that I have been posting a lot of photos of the Little Lady. Mainly because out of all 4 kids, she is by far the easiest one to take a photo of! Master's L & H think its absolutely hilarious to pose for the camera and then just as they hear the focus beep, start running. Yes, real funny boys, for you! I'm just the frustrated one behind the lens telling you to get back in your places.

Master P, well he is pretty good at posing, but only when he is in the mood. Otherwise its more of a 'piss off Mum and go bug my sister'. Ok, so he doesn't say piss off Mum, its more of a growl and screech that you have to interpret on your own.

So now I get my shutter action on the Little Lady, who is quite fun to photograph at the moment because if you tell her to say cheese she will crack a smile! Got to love a girl who can pose right?

Yesterday I was messing around with the camera yet again, and got a couple of good pics of her so thought I would share. Today is one of those days where i'm so grateful for this sweet girl because she really brings us all so much joy! Now I have to say, the others did too, but to watch the 3 big brothers melt when she smiles at them (yes, even though she has been smiling for months, they still squeal with delight when she smiles or laughs just for them), it really just brings a song to my heart.

such a happy little soul, who has most definitely been here before!

if you squint hard enough, you can actually see the white of the tooth bud! The other one next to it has broken through the gum surface but you can't see it yet properly on a photo.

Little Miss Inquisitive! Trying to work out what the heck she has (wind up torch for those playing at home) and how it works. She sat doing this for about 5mins. Well until she realised I was taking photos and then wanted to play for the camera LOL


MaidInAustralia said...

Awww, gorgeous. My son always tries to get out of photos too, and either runs away or pulls an awful face. I've started photographing the silly faces anyway. Tee hee. Miss 7 definitely loves to pose ...Maybe it's a girl thing?

MaidInAustralia said...

Gorgeous. Perhaps a supermodel in the making ...)