Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Nothing Post

Just thought i'd post, even though I don't have a lot to say right now. Haven't been back to the sewing machine for a few days, haven't had a chance too. Maybe tonight, if the cherubs will co-operate? Yeah, that might be wishful thinking LOL

Still cooking the Lil Miss. Having a few 'issues' on and off but she is still in there cooking away nicely according to the ultrasound I had on Thursday. Looks like she is going to be a weeny one, she is still measuring behind, but growing steady for that rate so that is the main thing.

Hmm what else has happened this week. Oh, turned another year older. Yes, was my birthday on the 12th and whilst it was a pretty average (read boring) day I did get to have some pamper time with a spa pedicure. Haven't had one before, and OMG it was divine! Will definitely be requesting those for future presents again hehe.

Mr B and I were given tickets to the Comedy Club for our birthdays to see Jimeoin The last time (which was also the first) I saw him live was in 1996 and he is still as fabulously hilarious now as he was then. Definitely worthwhile checking him out if you get the chance - even if only to listen to that gorgeous Irish accent *swoon* LOL

Coincedently, the day that we went to see Jimeoin, we were celebrating our anniversary of getting together. 10 whole years! Gosh, crazy that its been that many already.

Anyway, for a bit of a nothing post its turned into something so I shall go now and hopefully get my butt to the sewing machine. Or at least the cutting out table!


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Bec said...

Yay on the continued baking of Miss B ;-) Fingers crossed there will still be a few more weeks yet until she is introduced!!
Hope the boys co-operated and you got some sewing time in this afternoon. Mine has been getting a workout of late as well! Can't wait to see your latest creations!