Saturday, January 09, 2010

Finished the Skirt!!

Seriously, I know, its just a skirt and its not like it takes a University degree to make one but I am so excited its not funny LOL I'm going to drive everyone nuts around here, i'm sure of it!

So after much dismay wondering when we were going to get a new sewing machine to get it finished, the wonderful Universe once again provided for us and I have been able to finish off the skirt today.

I top stitched all of the seams, then finished off the side seam. Turned the hem and then had to wait for Master P to wake up to measure his belly for the elastic LOL Yes I know, sounds odd right? But the Little Miss who this skirt is for is about the same size as he is, so Master P became the model for the afternoon. I did have one unpick session though. Mum and I thought that it would be ok to do the hem in white thread, but once it was finished, it just didn't look completely right, so I unpicked and re-did it in black. Much better!!

Anyway... drum roll please.........

Have had to stop for the night because I need to wash the fabric incase it runs onto the top when its washed. But stay tuned for more updates as I continue with the outfit!


Swift Jan said...

that is absolutely adorable!

Dee said...

That looks fantastic!!! Well done Mrs B!!

Bec said...

Not sure if I'm super slow or what but love the new look!
And that skirt is adorable. I've got quite a few fat quarters here - now I know what to do with them!!
Looks fabulous and I'm sure the swapee will love it too!

Toni said...

Looks great *thumbs up*

Frilly said...

It looks fantastic MrsB,
you know I have done a lot of sewing. But I would never have thought of making a skirt like that.
Now I am off to look at my scrap pieces and make MissK one.
You should be very proud it looks fantastic.