Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trying to get some action

It's time to get some more action happening with my Creative Memories business. My time is ticking for me to qualify properly, and i'm *slightly* starting to worry. So far i've been doing as much as I can without having to spend a fortune (that isn't there yet... YET!) but it doesn't seem like its enough.

I've done a letterbox drop, done one lot of markets - just waiting on the next lot of cheaper stalls to come up on the calendar and I started up a Facebook group (if your on Facebook CLICK HERE ). I've also sent emails and messages to pretty much everyone that I know, but only one of the leads that I had from that has actually turned into anything.

It's hard not to get disheartened, as I enjoy doing this so much and feel that its right but for some reason things just aren't going as well as I really need them to at the moment.

I know, i'm whinging I guess but i'm also throwing it out to anyone who reads this, if you have any ideas on things that I could be doing to get more action happening, PLEASE let me know! I know that people are reading my blog, but it seems that everyone like to lurk and not say hello. Promise I will try not to bite, although i've just finished reading Twilight so hey, I can't promise I won't LOL

Anyone in Brisbane who reads this, if your interested please let me know!!


Bec said...

Not in Brissie so I can't be of much help but I'm a reader and I comment just about everytime I come by ;-)
Hope things pick up soon and that the markets stalls come through soon for you with loads of sales etc. Hang in there!

Mrs B said...

thanks chicky! You are great with the comments so was definitely not aimed at you LOL

Cassandra-ann said...

If i lived in sunny QLD i'd help you out.... What about Pre-school? have you spread the word around there ;-)
I know when we used to 'go' to school one of the mums was a CM consultant and she used to get heaps of business from the other mums...

Oh and i dont think that Bailey or Andy are my children either, neither of them like chocolate! go figure? Oh well , more for me lol (like i need it...)
Oh and i wanted to send you a birth announcement when the baby is born,if thats okay so if you still have my mobile number (and its okay) can you txt me your new addy

Cassandra xx

Jen Martakis said...

Hi! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. :)

I do use StoryBook Creator for my digital pages. It is an AWESOME program!!

Oh and I LOVE Twilight. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was talking to friends about scrapping and none of them are really into crafty sort of stuff, but I was thinking with Mothers Day coming up fairly soon maybe you could do a card making party?

Not sure if that's a feasible idea. If it is though, perhaps people could bring photos of their kids to make a card for Grandma/Nana? Also (although again, no idea how to work it) I'd be happy to bring my camera to take some happy snaps.

Maybe you could get people addicted that way? ;)
I wish I had more creative friends!

Mrs B said...

Thanks for the ideas girls! Yes Cass, I have spoken to kindy about it, and have had a couple of orders from the staff there which was great. Need to get my flyer out there though so will talk to the girls next week. Oh, and I will text you the address :)

LOVE the card idea Lexie! Definitely doable, and have quite a few ideas already to do some. We will have to catch up again soon and chat some more as I have an idea that may just work.

Jen, thanks for visiting!! Oh and I am a new Twilight convert! Watched the movie last night, LOVED it!! I finally got SBC to work on my laptop but I used to do digi scrapping in Photoshop, need to get used to the new way ;)