Tuesday, March 17, 2009


yeah well that took a bit longer than I had planned! Oooops!!

Gosh what has been going on around here. Loads of stuff really. Have been very busy, but yet at the same time I've got no idea why.

I have however been suffering a bit of 'hermit syndrome'. With Mr B starting his job in January, and needing the car every morning for work, it has really clipped my wings so to speak. By the time he gets home, it is time for Master P to have a sleep and then by the time he wakes up, the day is pretty much over and the time for 'witching hour' is upon us.

This also means that I have been neglecting some people that I definitely shouldn't be. But I am happy to say that I seem to be on the tail end now of the syndrome and ready to get back out into the world again. Good timing really because I now need to get myself out there as I have become a Creative Memories Consultant! YaY!

After a few false starts, a couple of road blocks so to speak, the path is now flowing freely and all is good with the scrapbooking. So its time to rock and roll with that and because I find it loads of fun, I CAN'T WAIT! :)

So, if your happening to find my blog, and your in Brisbane and want to get together for some scrapbooking workshops just let me know, cause I'd LOVE to hear from you!! (LOL how is that for a free plug on my own blog!)

Now what else...

Master P is walking!! YaY!! He is so very cute toddling around like a big boy but it also means my baby is growing up and that brings about a whole load of other emotions *sighs*.

The other two big boys are going great guns. Not much has changed other than the fact they are getting cheekier by the day, but its a funny cheeky. Although bedtimes in our house are VERY stressful at the moment, which I would really like to change. Have tried many different ways of dealing with the bedtime routine but nothing seems to be working well.

Mr B is going well at work still. I do however think he is getting bored being at home for the rest of the day and is taking it out on the poor car. Currently the insides are getting an 'overhaul' and I will be VERY glad when it is finished and this car obsession is replaced with something else (something VERY cheap would be great thanks LOL).

Gosh, what a boring update. Bet your so glad you stumbled by today hey. I'm so not an interesting person LOL

Ok, that's all for now. I PROMISE it won't be so long between posts next time!

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Deb said...

So not an interesting person? I'm afraid I'll have to disagree on that one!!

Don't worry, catch up blogs after a long time away are always a bit like that. The nitty gritty is the interesting bit and heh, you'd have been here for two weeks straight doing a full on catch up!!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.