Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friends or Vampires?

I'm having a shit couple of weeks. You know, those sorts of days when you just want to run away from the rest of the world, go sit in the sun, hibernate with a good stiff drink and just chill the fuck out for a while.

Some people in the world i'm sure have been sent to test my limits, and holy sheepshit Batman am I being tested. I've also started to wonder just how people are drawn to us, and what makes them 'friends'.

I have a group of girls who I absolutely love, and will do anything for. Pity they all live a fair distance from me, but still, at the end of the day that distance doesn't matter. I have made some lovely friends since moving to our new school this year, some who again I would do anything for. Then there are the ones that quite frankly I cannot understand how the fuck we became friends at all.

These people have sucked the living daylights out of my energy stores. Have bought about so much negativity and made me so so cranky at times its not funny. Yet, I still 'tried' to make things work.

Why is that? Why the fuck would have a vampire suck on you like that? Ok, unless it was one of those hot vampires, say David Boreanez (Angel). I think he is the only one that i'd like to have hanging off me.

Why hello there David. Ready when you are!

Late last night I realised that I don't need those vampires. So have deleted them from my life. Go suck on someone else, my neck needs to be ready for David!

Do you let energy vampires suck you dry? What is your strategy for stopping them from the start? (please don't say a string of garlic, that could be a bit smelly!)


Moodi Mumma said...

I attract vampires a heap! I don't know how to stop it in the early stages, heck I didn't even know how to stop it after years of friendship...
I guess trying not to 'give' so much from the start and being less 'available'... but then that would be changing who I am. So I guess just putting out to the universe the type of friendships I would like to have and to try and stop dwelling on the vampires of my past?
Thanks for sharing xox

Jocelyn said...

Best to let those vampires go and such someone else dry. Lifes to short to be there for someone else when they couldnt be there for you. I learnt that the hard way. Hope you get some peace now xox